Maldives weather is almost always fine. It is always summer in the Maldives islands. Maldives Weather is great! Although it is warm throughout the year there are slight variations in the temperature during certain periods determined by the monsoon from November to April which is mostly dry with little wind and Southwest monsoon from May to October which brings rain and the temperature varies only a little. The annual average daily temperature in Maldives is between 30.4 and 25.4 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall in Maldives is below 2mm per annum.

The traditional system of forecasting weather in the Maladies is called “Nakai”. Each Nakai lasts 13 or 14 days and there are two seasons in the system. That is Northeast Monsoon and Southwest Monsoon. The system is still in practice and is mostly used for fishing and planning trips.

Maldives weather